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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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perez is a good man and a hard working truck driver. >> if all this were true, i couldn't see how he could be living here owning the type of vehicle he owns. >> reporter: occupants of a semi pulled over on i-95 last year. after stopping, two armed men approach approached, announced themselves as police in spanish, and put two traffic cones near the truck. they led the occupants into the woods before stealing $4.9 million in gold bars. today a boat was towed from the home where perez was arrested, but family members say they have not noticed a change in lifestytelife lifestyle. >> he's had the boat for a pretty long time. he had an older boat. then he got a better one. tpis one i don't know how long ago did he get it. >> reporter: the fbi is looking
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alberto perez is the first to be heist. he's a good brother. he's a good son. >> reporter: at this point, investigators are@ looking for those two men you saw in the sketch. thy're also looking for a more information in connection to this robbery. you could be eligible for a $25,000 reward if you have information leading to those arrests. call the fbi or you can call crime stoppers. live in opa-locka, laura rodriguez. nbc 6 news. we are following some breaking news tonight in the case of 6-year-old king carter. miami-dade popoce confirm that the car thought to be involved in that homicide has been found in opa-locka. >> that car, a lexus, was described as an early 2000s model. king carter played outside the apartment complex with friends
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exited a car and started shooting. the vehicle involved in that shooting was found in opa-locka. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story for you here on nbc 6. tonight, a restaurant manager is under investigation for video voyeurism. dan krauth is live outside the restaurant in southwest miami-dade with more for us tonight. >> reporter: a mother took her daughter into use the bathroom here at the restaurant here behind me when she found a video recording device inside. this family-owned restaurant is at the center of a disturbing police investigation. the restaurant's own manager, 42-year-old jamie, arrested and booked by police. on friday, police say a mother and a young daughter were eating at la perla when they found a
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bathroom. >> translator: when i went to grab it, it fell. it was a camee th a battery, a chip, and a usb driver. >> reporter: the m mher found the small device under the sink pointed at the toilet. she gave it to the manager who became, quotot very nervous, a manager who then took thth camera. it is a small-motion censored cacara that is similar to this one. >> translator: we called the manager and i told him look what i found. he said to me, oh, okay. he took it out of the restaurant and went out of sight with it. that's when i got nervous. >> reporter: she called police. his mother owns the restaurant. they called their attorney right away who showed up and refused to answer any questions by police. right now he's facing charges of tampering withhvidence and resisting police. police are reviewingxactly what's on the device.
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gave us her attorney's business card. he would not comment to us or speak to us on camera. as for the defendant, he is out of jail on bond tonight. dan krauth, nbc 6 news. an investigation is und way to find an armed thief. the crime was caught earlier this week at a golden market northwest 5th street and 12th. they need your help finding the man described as a hispanic male no taller than 5'8" and no avier than 200 pounds. anyone with informaon can call crime stoppers. now to an update on a deadly shooting in pompano beach last week. tonight the broward sheriff's office has identified the vicm. deputies found the 37-year-old shot to death inside a home last thursday.
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the sheriff's office still needs your help. anyone with information call crime stoppers. a big traffic tie-up on the salt saltgrass expressway this afternoon. they want drivers out there to be prepared for major delays in the area. a judge orders a mental evaluation after a south florida teen is arrested again. 19-year-old malachi love robinson walked out of jail today. he is charged with grand theft. the checks wewee stolen during house calls he made to the 86-year-old victim. he gave physical exams and medical adviceceo unsuspecting
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the teen's lawyer admits more charges may be coming. >> this may n n be the end of the criminal charges. >> he is not allowed to have any contact with the elderly victim.. the judge ordered the teen's mental health assessment within the next 48 hours. super tuesday has come and gone and the future of florida senator marco rubio's campaign is up i the air. with florida primary less than two weeks away, many are wondering what rubio's next move will be. >> the race for the gop nomination appears now to be a four-man contest. the issue for many republicans after super tuesday is how to keep donald trump from getting the nomination and for marco
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him competiti in this race. florida senator casting his ballot during early voting, flashing it at the camera, then answering a softball question. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for marco rubio. what an incredible honor to vote for myself. >> reporter: marco rubio winning just one state yesterday, the caucuses in minnesota. florida's primary lies ahead, a must-win for rubio. >> it's my home and we're going to win it. i feel great about it. >> i think the other path for marco rubio is how long these other candidates stay in the race. if he can get into a one-on-one matchup with donald trump, i think he can do very well. >> reporter: donald trump maintains a huge lead thatt the delegate count and the polls in florida too. he spoke of rubio during his victory speech last night.
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said many times before. >> reporter: the republican establishment is still trying to figure out how to stop trump from becoming the party's nomee. the goal is for the party to come together at its political convention, commit all of its delegates to one candidate, and rally behind that person. a scenario that appears less likely with each passing primary. >> he can a 1/3 of the support of republican voters and still be the nominee. >> that's a fractured dolitical party, huh? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the associated press requested republican governors and senators if they would support trump if he becomes the party's nominee. of the 59 respondents, slightly less than half could not commit to backing him in november. live in the newsroom tonight, i'm steve litz. after disappointing n nbers
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appears dr. ben carson's campaign is not moving forward. reports indicate that gop officials want him to focus on a different office, the senate seat in florida. rubio has indicated he wouldn't be seeking re-election regardlele of what happens in the presidential race. the nbc 6 news and weather app i your go-to for decision 2016. we'qe keeping track of every candidate with our delegate tracker. check the app for a list of polls in broward and miami-dade county. when president obama makes his h)storic trip to cuba, he'll also be taking in baseball. the tampa bay rays will take on the cuban national team in an exhibition game. the president confirmed he'll be there on march 22nd when he sent out a tweet this morning saying,
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now to an update on the new york yankees closer, chapman. suspended 30 games for his part in a domestic v vlence incident in south florida. he said he would acccct responsibility for his bad judgmgmnt, but denies ever hurting his girlfriend. he allegedly choke his 22-year-old girlfriend during an argument. detectives believe he went to a garage on his property and fired eight shots from a handgu a homeowner is asking for help after thieves steal something that simply can't be replaced. >> a parrot taken from the family's home. tonight investigators looking for that animal and what else the owners say was taken from their backyard. plus, a man needs some extra help after an uninvited guest
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morning swim. a pretty view towards the
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approaching here in south it's one of the most read stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. tonight, police are searching for some thieves they say stole this pricey parrot leaving its owner heartbroken.
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is valued at an estimated $2,000, but the family says it's worth so much more to them. that parrot named baby has been in the family for more than 30 years. it was taken from the backyard f this home along with other animals. this empty cage -- >> i feel really bad. it's like they took out my heart. >> reporter: is a reminder of a parrot that means so much to its owners. >> i miss her. >> reporterer baby was stolen from her backyard overnight around 4:00 a.m. the dog barked alerting her family to one or more intruders. >> my husband went outside and when he checked, the doors at front was open and the bird was missing. >> >> >> reporter: the vehicle took off and the family called police.
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32 years. >> reporter: from this cage, two cockatiels and three parakeets were taken to. >> i know they do this just to sell it, but they don't know how much it is worth to us. >> reporler: miami police are looking for who did this and detectives say they're working a similar case just a few blocks away also overnight. a bird was stolen from another home. i'm reporting live in miami. nbc 6 news. a lakeend family came home to find an unexpected guest taking a dip in their pool. a nine-foot alligator. he came across the gator when he approached his patio to let his cats out. s wife and 6-month-old baby were inside the home. the gator made a large hole in the patio screen, but didn't cause anymore damage.
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removed the alligator from the pool. the store has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the retailer opened its first store back in 1987, but the fate of 23 current stores in south florida remains unknown. here's a story the nbc 6 fwarts fwart investigators are working on for you tonighw at 11:00. >> you put your life in somebody resu. >> catching on fire inside the operating room. the little known danger that's happening more than you think. the questions you need to ask your doctor tonight at 11:00. i like the weather pattern
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we're seeing no rain and temperatures on a warming trend in our area. the beautiful shot of the evergladethat we like to show this time of the day as the sun is setting across the first alert cam that's courtesy of holiday everglades park. just the contrast in this picture are just stellar. look at these clouds and the shadows here. all these illuminated back here by the setting sun. let's not forget this beaeatiful reflection here on the canal at this hour. just a beautiful pipiure. let's look at the weather for the rest of the week. we've got a front headeded towards southern florida. it will stall near lake okeechobee. our temperatures will continue above normal ffr the rest of the week, and a second front will make it to south florida on saturday. could yield a couple of showers. it is still 80 after a high of
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somewhat school 73 in marathon. not a lot going on with this front. just a few high clouds. don't expect any effffts from it. as long as it stays to our north, temperatures will l above normal. the front for saturday comes from the central plains. today it is generating mainly rain in that area. we're expecting this front to make it all the way to usy saturday and yes, produce probably a couple of showers, but they'll be spotty, not widespread. don't cancel your plans for saturday because these showers i'm forecasting are expected to be few and far between. you can see just what a beautiful afternoon it's been for the keys, for southern florida, and the bahamas too with just a few high clouds streaming along here from west to east in the higher levels of the atmosphere. here is the forecast. you can see seven days of which only one has a significant chance offrain. that'll be on saturday as that
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for the time being, tomorrow should be a day similar to today. these are mainly high clouds. they can filter the sun, so we may still see shadows throughout despite the clouds. notice how the future tracker picks up on a couple of showers late in the day in broward? don't think that's going to happen. the front near lake okeechobee tries to yield a shower or two. my forecast is for a mixture of clouds and sun, a high near 82 degrees and aild end to the day. the high will reach 80 on friday. warmest day of the week. spotty showers on saturday. sundayxclears out. next week is expected to become rather windy, which is pretty typical of the month of march here in south florida. we have to deal with wind. next week looks to be a pretty breezy week.
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put students on the fast track welcomeback. today's education on 6, for years public schools have
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academic achievement. now some school districts are focusing on the whole child. >> what a great idea. miami-dade pubc schools created a brand-new effort to get kids right on track. >> reporter: the answer for these kids is being in school and getting there on time. this isn't a class and that's not a teacher. she has a new title. success coach. >> think every child needs a champion. every child needs a superhero in their life. >> reporter: she is one of 60 success coaches in the miami-dade school system. the program just started this school year. it is designed to go beyond the effort to raise academic performance. the district wants to pvent at-risk kids from sliding off the rails. >> by getting to students early and forming a bond with their
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with the community, we can help kids succeed. we can set them on the right path. >> reporter: how do they choose which kids get their intervention? they focus on early warning signs and the abcs. >> it's a great goal to have. >> reporter: mrs. watts keeps track of 32 students. she monitors their grades and attendance every day. >> i can be on it at a drop of a hat. i can stop and make that call, make an appointment to see them. i go out and do home visits. sometimes that's what it takes. there was a student who had a huge amount of absences from school. when i call and spoke with the parent, the parent was in transition. the parent wasctually homeless. >> reporter: she hears heartbreaking stories every day, but she pulls every string,
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agencies, to solve the problems. is it working? >> i've seen a tremendous result. will the gop establishment defy the will of trump voters in order to stop him? we'll have our interview with the man who may have founun another piece of the missing jetliner mh-370. and a business that lets you (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our nextxpresident needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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and finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. miami-dade police confirm that the car thought to be involved in theomicide of 6-year-old king carter has been found in opa-locka. the car was described as an early 2000s model. two black males exited a dark four-door sedan and started shooting.
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and charged in the shooting. a south florida man has been arrested in connection with the gold heist. a truck was headingrom miami to boston at the time with nearly $5 million in gold when it was hit. another man haslready been sentenced for the crime and taken to prison for trying to fence one of the bars of gold. we complained a lot back in december. it was so hot. we did. >> then it rained so much. february and march has been really nice. you see the forecast is pretty nice as well. >> very nice. we'll take it. no complaints. you're off the hook. >> that's our report for tonight. developing news tonight. party panic as donald
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super tuesday. republican leaders revolt. mitt romney set to against trump, but is it too late. also tonight, ahead, but bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. mystery debris found. story. a piece of a boeing 777 that could be from that missing malaysian airlines flight discovered by an could he help solve one of the world's most baffling puzzles? a major abortion court. the biggest new battle in years that could have sweeping implications for women across the country. and automatic money back when you shop online. the new way so many consumers are saving cash. "nightly news" begins right w. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. he proved last night that he is the undisputed republican from un, yet the


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